Join Framer Framed on 18 August for a conversation between Taita Hernando Chindoy, an Indigenous leader from the pueblo Inga in Colombia, and artist Milena Bonilla. They will discuss subjects connected to the notion of ‘buen vivir’, biodiversity and human rights, medicinal and social uses and abuse of Ayahuasca, illicit cultivars eradication in Colombia and the strengthening of the Inga traditional knowledge and language.

This event is free of charge. Register via Eventbrite to join.

In the context of the masters programme Planetary Poetics, Framer Framed is excited at the opportunity to welcome Taita Hernando Chindoy for a discussion in our space. Hernando Chindoy’s work focuses on the support and encouragement of traditional medicine and knowledge, as well as raising awareness on the interconnectedness between human lives and biodiversity. We will hear from him in conversation with artist Milena Bonilla, whose critical practice focuses on epistemic colonialism and the different ways in which its historical background and current structures affect organisms, language, imagery, social orders and the perception of history.

As Indigenous communities around the world face extreme precarity due to colonialism and its effects, especially lasting impacts on the environment and human-non-human relationships – we welcome you to listen together with us to issues facing Chindoy’s community and their efforts against colonialist erasure in its various forms. Among other topics, the discussion will address Ayahuasca’s social and medicinal uses, as well as its misuse and abuse, while pointing to efforts of strengthening Inga traditional knowledge and language.

Languages: Spanish & English

Relevant Reading: ‘Taitas of the Amazon say enough to the impostors of the yagé’ and Notes on Cultural Healing and Medicine: Barbara Santos and Milena Bonilla in conversation with Rosa Elena Jacanamijoy Jacanamijoy’ in Errant Journal #2 Slow Violence.

Planetary Poetics, is a temporary masters programme at the Sandberg Instituut, organised in collaboration with artist Dorine van Meel and Framer Framed. The programme features partnerships with Futuros Indígenas (Mexico) and Atelier Picha (DRC) to connect different social ecologies across the globe and experiment with new possibilities of collective imagination, creation and intervention.