Maintaining Dalit Memory and Recipes with Rajyashri Goody

The artist Rajyashri Goody maintains a deeply poetic and subversive catalog of both Dalit resistance and caste-based violence through her artistic practice, playing with non-existent archives, cookbooks, memory work and a personal exploration of lived experiences. Central to Rajyashri’s practice is the Dalit connection with food. While researching Dalit food…

MOLD Issue 06 Editor’s Note

We are living in portal times. We are birthing new worlds. In our final print issue of MOLD, we return to the microbial scale by focusing on designing new earths on this Earth: to spark new imaginaries, forge new relationships, and most importantly, ground ourselves in the soil. 

We engage with soil every time we eat. In a conversation with Evan Kleinman on the Good Food podcast, the agronomist and World Food Prize laureate Dr. Rattan Lal reminds us that soil is a living entity and “the only place in the universe…that has the divine power to convert death into life.” Taking this as a starting point, we believe that by reimagining our extractive relationship with the Earth’s soil to one where we treat it as a living, dynamic entity, we have an opportunity to cultivate an interspecies consciousness that will center on living cycles and prepare us to bring forth new ways of being.  Continue reading…

Tools for intertidal coexistence

Raccogliere (in Italian, “to gather, to collect”) explores Venice through the perspective of Salicornia – a halophyte growing in the intertidal zones of the lagoon. In developing a set of tools to process the plant and a dedicated bilingual publication, the project offers a new perspective on the changing conditions in the fragile ecosystem of Venice and its lagoon.