We stand in solidarity with workers around the world by participating in the global strike for a free Palestine. Join us in a day of protest to demand an immediate ceasefire and an end to the genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. Take today to listen and learn, engage and mobilize, nourish yourself and others, and most importantly, reflect and create. In the face of unthinkable violence and systemic oppression, the act of creation is a form of radical resistance.

“The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently.”

David Graeber

An Incomplete Learn-In on Palestine

True Love Seeds: Palestinian Kusa Squash Fundraiser: Now through Saturday, October 28th, Truelove Seeds will donate 100% of sales from Palestinian Kusa Squash and Palestinian Molokhia to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, amidst the ongoing catastrophe in Gaza.

Catastrophe in Context: a Teach-In on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Beyond – Join the Brooklyn Institute on November 3, 11:00-6:00 pm EST for a teach in exploring the many dimensions behind the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Radio Alhara – Learning Palestine – Streaming online from Bethlehem, the architect/designers behind Radio Alhara broadcast a 12-hour program of lectures, interviews, book presentations, talks, storytelling, poetry and chants. The Learning Palestine program was put together by Learning Palestine Group.

Teach-In on Gaza – On Saturday, October 28, 12:00 pm EST/4:00 pm GMT join a teach in about Gaza with Isabella Hammad (author), Tareq Baconi (president Al-Shabaka Palestinian Policy Network), Noura Erakat, Ahmed Eldin (human rights attorney), Omar Barghouti (co-founder BDS) and Dianna Buttu (lawyer and former spokesperson for the PLO), moderated by Fatima Bhutto (writer). While Registration is free, we are asking attendees to make a contribution to Médecins Sans Frontières or the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund Gaza appeal if they are able. Any amount counts. RSVP here

FIG Study Group: Palestine is Getting Free – Organized by Palestinian, Black, Indigenous, Boricua, Jewish and Asian American food and land workers, this event highlights concrete examples of solidarity past and present; shares movement demands and calls to action; and demonstrates how people working through food — chefs, farmers, writers, any and all of us — can address the ways it has been used to oppress as well as to resist, and how food can strengthen the connections between the Palestinian struggle and all anticolonial, antiracist movements.

Poets for a Free Palestine – New York-based Poetry Project is organizing an evening of poetry, performance and solidarity at the Parish Hall (131 E. 10th Street at St Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery) on Thursday, October 26 at 8pm ET. The event is free. Check the link for livestream details TBD.

But We Must Speak: On Palestine and the Mandates of Conscience – A one night event hosted by the Palestine Festival of Literature, Wednesday November 1st, 7PM. Online and in person at 3041 Broadway.

Six Films for Palestine: Solidarity Screening + Fundraiser (Online) – Through November 22, Other Cinemas is hosting an online screening of six films by six Palestinian filmmakers. For a donation, you can catch films such as Jumana Manna’s seminal Foragers, which depict the dramas around foraging for wild edible plants in Palestine. After watching, dive deeper with Jumana Manna’s Master Class, presented last year through the Center for Palestine Studies.

Palestinian Film Archive: Unprovoked Narratives – A series of films celebrating the beauty of Gaza, its people, its struggle and its survival. Streaming free.

Mohammed El-Kurd – This Jerusalem-based journalist and poet is sharing and reporting in real-time via his Instagram account.

Gaza Fights for Freedom – A documentary on the historical and political factors that have contributed to the conditions of Gaza. Includes footage of the Great March of Return in May 2018, when thousands of Gazans peacefully marched to the razor-wire barricades to demand action. Full documentary streaming on Youtube.


MOLD Magazine – Methods & Provisions: Meeting Mirna Bamieh – We revisit this interview with Mirna Bamieh of Palestine Hosting Society first published in 2021, where Mirna explains the importance of the preservation of Palestinian food and stories. She delves into her artistic practice, which combines food with storytelling in order to ensure the cultural future of a Palestinian kitchen perpetually under threat by displacement and appropriation.

Interactive Encyclopedia of the Palestine Question – A collection of essays and primary source material, this digital archive of the history of modern Palestine is a project of the Institute for Palestine Studies in collaboration with the Palestinian Museum.

Palestine: An Introduction Zine – Designed by Red Emma’s a worker-owned radical bookstore in Baltimore, this zine is essential reading and an example of the power of design. Text is based on the Palestine 101 resource created by Decolonize Palestine. (H/T to Krystal Mack for this resource).

Seeda School: Being Apolitical is Political Beloved – Educator and artist Ayana Zaire Cotton’s writings for their Substack on the cost of silence includes a list of resources.

Dweller’s Library of Afro-Palestinian/ Imperialism Literature – A list of literary and educational resources compiled by the electric music festival that span music, geography, and history examining Black Palestinian solidarity.

Take Action

Call Your Reps!!

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USPCR) – This incredible resource makes calling your representatives an easy, 3-minute exercise. Enter your address and it automatically determines who your Congressional Reps are and calls them directly. Read from a script or make your own. I left a message on one Senator’s voicemail and left statements with aides for my other Senator and my representative. (US Only)

Jewish Voice for Peace – The same mechanism (with a different script) from the largest progressive Jewish anti-Zionist organization in the world. (US Only)


Within Our Lifetime Rally Toolkit – This Palestinian-led, New York-based organization has provided an essential toolkit for Palestinians and their allies to mobilize their communities in support of a free Palestine.

Free Palestine Project – Download and print a protest sign from this collection. Artists/designers should submit directly to the archive!


Palestine Children’s Relief Fund – Since 1991 PCRF has provided medical and humanitarian aid to the children of Palestine. The volunteer organization represents 19 countries globally and serve in forty-eight specialized medical committees and subcommittees.

Medical Aid for Palestinians – Providing immediate medical aid. Additional resources for emailing your MP. (UK Only)

Anera – Delivering food and hygiene kits in Gaza

Islamic Relief Canada – Distributing medical supplies, food packs, food vouchers, meals and necessities. Additional resources for emailing your local representative. (Canada Only)