Spend a Saturday in spring arranging and sketching flowers. Participants will design a series of stem arrangements and capture them in sketches. Come learn more about flower names and sourcing as well as introductory principles of floral design & care. The closing exploration will be designing one continuous floral landscape together.

Take time to observe nature, practice tactual stream of consciousness creativity and create in community with others.


Learning Outcomes

– Introductory principles of floral design

– Flower names, sourcing and care



Part 1 — Hear & See

– Intro to flowers and sourcing

– Intro to floral design principles, intuitive aesthetic and tactual stream of consciousness creation

– Breath focused observation of the flowers


Part 2 — Experiment & Record

– Experiments and floral studies

– Sketching, recording and capturing your mini floral sculpture/creation

– Body break- take a step back, gentle stretch


Part 3 — Make Together

– Connecting your sculptures to a neighbors to make a continuous community floral landscape

– Collectively decide how we want to record

– Breathing and wrap up



Bring your own sketchbook and a medium with which to draw (pencil, charcoal, pastels, etc). Please wear comfortable clothes to easily move around in, as the group will be sitting on the floor and working with fresh moss and things can get a little dirty.