Ali Godil
Shamma Buhazza
Corinne Ang

Welcome to a panel discussion and community forum on House of Gül’s design experience working in the corporate world. It’s not pretty and took a long time to unpack but they’re here and thriving with their full self.

Real talk.  House of Gül sees you and appreciates you showing up with your honest creative expression. It’s not easy in this western hegemonic environment.
Especially when strict design rules and “chief creative officers” ideas on “good design” are so outdated and euro-centric. Does this resonate? Well you finally have a space to be celebrated and seen.

So how do we exist and express our truest self, beliefs, and cultural identities in a an environment that sees them as other and ugly? How do we follow alternative paths of success while still living under these conditions? It’s a long answer. That’s a heavy subject for a caption to handle so grab a ticket. These are all powerful topics House of Gül is going to discuss in their Decolonizing Design Forum.

“The work designers make is inspired by taste, and taste is often derived from what we’re exposed to during our upbringing. But design values and history is taught through a canon; that accepted pantheon of work by predominantly European and American male designers that sets the basis for what is deemed “good” or “bad.” The authority of the canon has undermined the work produced by non-Western cultures and those from poorer backgrounds so that Ghanaian textiles, for example, get cast as craft rather than design.”
– Anoushka Khandwala