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The Open Atelier is a close-knit community of artists that has been meeting for years under the guidance of art therapist Suzanne Delshadian. The group comes together to meet, have conversations, and further raise their profile as artists. Since 2020, the group has had a place at Framer Framed and meets every Monday.

The Open Atelier community’s annual presentation this year, called Hybrid Garden, explores the ways in which a space of difference can remain inclusive. What happens to a garden without a gardener? Can growth occur organically through mutual care and nurturing rather than selective cultivation? Participating artists encourage visitors to reflect on these questions and embrace alternative perspectives on art, healing and transformation.

Since 2022, the Open Atelier has been part of the Through Art We Care project – a project in which Framer Framed and care organisation Cordaan work together with the aim to make the art institution a place that promotes change, emancipation and psychological well-being through art practice.

Hybrid Garden can be visited from 31 July to 27 August 2023.

Ahmed (EgyptianHunk) | Amo Kaur | Anne | Ashna | Awat | ayفن Nadaف | Céline | Farida | Halil | Hassan | Kerim | Lucinda | Mayis | Meg-ster | Mika | Sabina-Art | Sebahat | Yilmaz | Youssef (Nirvana)