Join digital media artist Murley Herrle-Fanning for the story of how transitioning from urban to rural life shaped his artistic practice. As one of the finalists of the 2023 Media Arts Prize, Murley discusses his journey through the realm of digital art, from his early forays in graphic design, photoshop, and videography to his present-day explorations in transmodal art and transposed media, all while becoming a new farmer. Murley’s work involves producing generative art, interactive pieces, video games and audio works that integrate the themes of isolation, connectivity, ecosystems of play, and living with animals. Engage with a variety of topics from doing farm chores alongside a herd of goats, birds, dogs and more, to experiments with emerging technologies such as AI powered creations and niche systems of participatory media for broadcasting and gaming.


Murley Herrle-Fanning, finalist of the 2023 InterAccess Media Arts Prize, is a farmer, digital media creator and game designer exploring emerging technologies for media production and art practice. As a recent graduate of York University in the Digital Media Game Arts program, his work involves the examination and creation of digital worlds, virtual communities and ecosystems of play. He is currently based in the Ottawa valley on an experimental farm learning about agroecology and interspecies herd dynamics while experimenting with AI art, procedural content generation and participatory media.