Palestinian (for and by) community meal led by Amanny Ahmad with the somatic invitation to make, handle and eat food—especially dishes that are seasonally connected to what currently should be the olive harvest in the region.

This space is intended to be one of gathering, community, nourishment, grieving, togetherness, and whatever else is needed. A lot of us have been cycling through many feelings and emotions, some of which may be isolation, aloneness, sadness, disgust, anger, and frustration. This space is being facilitated with the intention of serving and centering Palestinians, though close allies, friends, and family are also invited. If you have a personal variation of any Palestinian dish and feel moved to cook, let Quori or Amanny know. There will be plenty of food (with spices coming from Baba’s Pantry, a Palestinian-American deli and pantry) and it is all free, so only bring something if it feels grounding.

Please RSVP through the Google Form.