Aerthship presents PASSENGER PROGRAM, a pop-up artist residency in symbiosis with the most powerful force in our lives: Earth.

November 9-13, 2023.

Takigahara Farm is located in Komatsu, Ishikawa, Japan.

For (5) days, artists will partake in facilitated mindfulness walks, guided hikes, engage in writing workshops facilitated by Mimi Zhu, music-making-listening, excursions, moments of stillness, and at the end of each day, enjoy a dinner prepared by Edmond Hong.

Artists will spend much time outside, connecting deeply with the land, and relishing in the unique experience of being on a farm in Japan and seeing the local town of Komatsu.

After reviewing applications, Aerthship will prioritize the selection of (15) QTPOC artists from all disciplines, across the globe.

The farm is a cozy, modernized space. All 15 artists will share space together in a bunk-bed room with access to private bathrooms, basic toiletries, wifi, lockers, hair dryer.

Daily complimentary breakfasts at the Takigahara Café and communal dinners made by Edmond Hong of Aerthship. Lunch can be purchased at Takigahara Farm.

$200 USD covers the cost of stay for (5) nights and goes directly to Takigahara staff. Please note that any neccessary transportation costs to attend Passenger Program will not be covered.

(As of September 28, 2023 — roundtrip connecting flights from Los Angeles to Komatsu range from $900-1100.)

In an effort to make this as affordable as possible, Aerthship will not be profiting from this artist residency.