Ever wanted to learn how to print with the sun? Cyanoype is a printmaking technique using only UV rays and two chemicals to create deep-blue replicas of photographs, objects, or a combination of the two. The group will be going over the traditional processes while also playing with other techniques such as bleaching, toning, improvised collage, and more! You’ll walk away with your own handmade print and a new openness towards your creative practice.

This event is for anyone who is interested in analog processes, low-tech printmaking, and ultimately experimenting with images to create something new. Happy accidents are encouraged and inevitable. Great for perfectionists and/or people who spend too much time on their computers who love to learn.



Please, email an image of your choice that is 300dpi resolution at 8.5″ x 11″ min. resolution one week before the workshop to Monica. Email address will be provided upon registration.

Bring your laptop, as well.

Index will have wine, tea, and coffee to tone the cyanotypes, so if there are any allergies to those, please let them know!


Learning outcomes

– Making your own cyanotype setup with store-bought materials

– How to make photographic transparencies

– How to properly expose your print



– Introductions (20min)

– Short Slideshow on Cyanotypes (15min)

– Making the Chemistry & Treating the Paper (15min)

– Making your Transparencies (20min on a laptop + 20 minutes printing)

– Finding Objects outside (5min)

– Printing in the sun! Demo (10min)

– Free time to print (20 min)

– Optional show & tell