Queer Ecology is an emerging and shapeshifting field, challenging long-held perspectives in the sciences. This course, hosted and curated by Dr. Patricia Kaishian, will explore biological systems through the lens of queer theory, blending ideas from ecofeminism, philosophy of science, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge. Central to this approach are liberatory principles for humans and non-humans alike.

This six-week journey will include multifaceted and layered conversations, grounded in and applied to real world problems. Begins 9 April 2024.


Learning Outcomes:

– Become familiar with a selection of influential texts in biology, queer theory, and adjacent philosophical realms.
– Identify contact points between biologists and humanities scholars
– Explore case studies in queer ecology
– Participate in an immersive observational sit-spot practice throughout the course.
– Collectively imagine liberatory futures for all life, and endeavor to connect these ideas to tangible outcomes.

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