Join photographer and marine scientist Oriana Poindexter for an interactive cyanotype workshop. Learn this early alternative photographic process and use foraged seaweed and organic material to create your own photo prints using techniques first developed in the 1840s.

Cyanotype is an alternative photographic process used to create photographic prints in the distinctive shade of Prussian blue and white without the use of a camera, exposed with the sun and developed in water. This workshop will teach you the fundamentals of the cyanotype process and its history, as well as introducing you to the local seaweed species of Southern California. Each participant will create up to three original cyanotype prints – usually something frame worthy. The resulting prints are records of the state of the ocean and your creative process on that particular day, recorded in the blue and white palette of the sea itself.

The first portion of the workshop involves an introduction, demonstration and selection of materials. The second portion will be a printing session. If you have materials you’d like to bring to use for printing (sentimental objects, dried botanicals, etc), please feel free to bring them.

This event will take place in Malibu in collaboration with Rancho West,