Attendees will learn how to locate clays in different natural environments, process them for use as pigments for painting or material for ceramics, as well as creative ways to build and use this sustainable material as we once did in great numbers, and still do all over the world. Don’t miss this chance to connect with the past, embrace sustainable practices, and unleash your artistic skills with the timeless art of clay! Join Usal and be part of a community reviving and celebrating these traditional arts.

Guided by Olla Ceramics:

Ariana (Olla Ceramics) is a California native working with natural clays and pigments to create one-of-a-kind ceramic work. Her pieces communicate a direct relationship to place, each with their own complex cultural and geological background. She has been teaching ceramics for 5 years and aims to make this ancient and sustainable side of the art form more feasible for the average person.