MOLD Magazine, a bi-annual journal about the future of food

MOLD Issue 01: Designing for the Human Microbiome includes:

Bespoke yogurt-making vessels from Czechoslovakia, Greece, India, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Russia and the United States; Jamer Hunt on Corbusier and the age of the microbiome; Daisy Alexandria Ginsberg on whether synthetic biology fulfills the promise of a better world by design; Afineur’s bid to bioengineer a better coffee bean; churning butter in the Cotswolds with Grant Harrington, butter-maker to the (Michelin) stars; why Isabelle Legeron, M.W. only drinks natural wine; kimchi philosophy from Baroo’s Kwang Uh; the body politics of S.E. Nash’s fermentation sculptures; OKOLO on food and design as a tool of the Czech avant garde; 3D-printed jameed press; Eat Shit! and Marije Vogelzang’s shake up of Milan Design Week; the design and biotech behind TOTO’s magic toilets, Amino Lab’s Easy Bake Oven approach to engineering biology; MIT’s robots and an IOT network for sewage mapping; a cow stomach-inspired biodigester as car engine; a survey of shifting attitudes towards geophagia from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Juice Generation; exploring the science behind eating your feelings; imagining the possibilities of a fungal future; behind-the-scenes with design firm Ginkgo Bioworks’ organism designers; and the Center for Genomic Gastronomy takes us on a Microbiotour of the year 2026.


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