In this workshop participants will work with a traditional eggless, durum wheat pasta dough to learn handmade pasta techniques. We will explore the poetic and sculptural potential of the material as a means to better understand the relationships between form, material, body, and landscape inherent to cuisine. We will begin with a talk to orient materially and theoretically, then collectively make and shape the dough, and end the workshop by cooking and tasting our creations with dinner prepared by Adriana. Included in and accompanying the workshop will be a selection of wines presented by Natty Wine.

The goal is not to become an expert pasta maker, but to develop through practice a critical understanding of a kind of traditional labor and its embedded histories. Pasta (or truly any traditional food-craft) can serve to cultivate an awareness of labor that conditionally includes the landscapes and ecologies that produce the raw ingredients as well as the people who perpetuate the tradition. In making pasta, we can ask how engaging with traditional food-ways produces (or re-produces) relations between individuals or between people and the landscape?

Pasta and sauce will be vegetarian with a vegan option and will contain gluten.