Let’s rethink the daily routine

Ahh, the daily routine, the bane and boon of our existence. How we choose to spend our time is both within and well beyond our control, a balance of the things we must do and those we love doing. Case in point, the typical day:

Wake up, coffee, walk the dog, quick run, feed the kids, kiss the wife, catch the bus, get to work, sit, stand, sit, stand, please the boss, charm the client, coffee, coffee, sit, stand, sit, stand, catch the bus, home again, hug wife, have a drink, kiss kids, dinner on, clean up, on the couch, into bed, wake up …

But what if you could exert a little more control over some of the seemingly mundane parts of your day? We wondered: how can good design make daily chores a more nuanced and pleasurable experience? Our answer is the Life Measured pitcher, now available for pre-orders, the only pitcher of its kind to let you mark your own measurements.


How we designed for human measurements

We wanted to design a truly useful product that would fit seamlessly into your daily life, not something too delicate or too “high design“ that you would need to arrange your life around. Take a look at a seemingly mundane object you use everyday and ask yourself:

Why is it shaped this way? Why is it this size? Why has it become a ubiquitous product in your daily life?


When designing the Life Measured pitcher, Visibility focused on creating a refined form that would fit within the language of the home in an unobtrusive way while also allowing for customization and a touch of friendliness. Focusing on versatility, a cylindrical form seemed like a good place to begin. This shape made it possible for measurement markers to travel the length of the body.

Further exploration led the designers to do away with more traditional cylindrical forms that “wouldn’t be as tactile or recognizable.” The slightly tapered shape ultimately felt the most familiar, but still allowed for a “nuanced formality.”



Another consideration: how would a user mark their own measurement without the need for a clumsy mechanism? Visibility eventually devised rubber rings that could move up and down the body, resting in grooves to prevent slipping while also providing a tactile grip for pouring hot or cold liquids.


Use the color coded rings (or not, your choice) to customize the level of the contents inside:

Apple + kale + cucumber + lemon for your morning juice
Hot water + cream + sugar for your afternoon tea
Gin + vermouth + Campari
for your summertime negronis
Oil + vinegar + spices for salad dressings
Pancake mix + water + eggs for breakfast

The Life Measured pitcher is now for sale in our STORE.