Oeh Studio’s latest work – released exclusively via MOLD – assembles a series of color curated still life images. The mini-series, “A Monochromatic Family Portrait,”is part of Visual Nutrition, a larger project focused on “sculpturing and styling with natural, tasty, and edible ingredients.” Produced as a collaboration between Oeh founder and creative director Eugenia Güeto Gómez, photographer Fanette Guilloud and set designer Ria Suarez, each still life composition depicts a different “family,” with a distinct color palette and idiosyncratic details.

Speaking about their creative process, Oeh tells MOLD that “the elements of the composition are treated as sculptural objects, playing with the sizes, shapes, textures and consistency of the ingredients.” The series includes fruits and vegetables that are usually uncommon on Western tables, like frishe okna, bok choy, green papaya and white bunashimeji mushrooms. The inclusion of “uncommon” produce is intended to spark curiosity, prompting viewers to look at and appreciate the fruits and vegetables without contextualizing them in a menu or dish.

The central focus of “A Monochromatic Family Portrait” manifests in a series of five image sets with text, with each layout depicting one of the different “families” of food and color.

As part of Visual Nutrition, “A Monochromatic Family Portrait” participates in a rich history of food as an art medium. Oeh notes that, “food is one of the most traditional elements portrayed in any form of art from paintings, fabric prints for clothes, photographs and even the curation of our dinner tables.” The project also pays homage to nutrition by utilizing organic, natural ingredients to create each still life portrait.

Detail shots highlight the individual ingredients that compose each still life.

Detail shots highlight the individual ingredients that compose each still life.

Founded in 2018 in Berlin, Oeh Studio is a multidisciplinary creative studio run by Eugenia Güeto Gómez. In all of its projects, both personal and commissioned, Oeh aims to engage with mindful work and sustainable, artisanal initiatives. The studio places importance on a conscious lifestyle as well as in growing through dialogues and collaborations with other artists, curious minds and creative thinkers, themes that are reflected in the natural and wholistic nature of its work.



Concept and Creative Direction – Oeh Studio, Eugenia Güeto Gómez

Photography and Art Direction – Fanette Guilloud from ocré studio

Set Design – Ria Suarez