This post is part of MOLD’s roundup of the best food design projects shown at Stockholm Design Week 2015.

This lighting project from Swedish designers Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergfeldt is for those who know the joy of a good ice mold (an ice sphere for your whiskey, perhaps?) The Melt and Recreate lamp uses LED lights housed with fiber optic cables and features a lamp shade made from ice. An ice mold freezes the shade around a metal fixture that then attaches to the body of the pendant.



With a 10 hour lifespan for the melting ice shade and a 10 hour incubating period for the ice to set in the mold, the lamp is constantly in flux—with each drop of water from pendant to mold, the user gets an active reminder of the product’s lifecycle. Melt and Recreate is part of the Ung Svensk Form highlighting the work of young Swedish designers.