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DEMI is the new platform connecting food enthusiasts with chefs

At the onset of the pandemic, many restaurants and chefs moved online, bringing their expertise to virtual cooking classes and social media platforms. The chef-as-influencer… Read More

Food Design Friday: Frog Tenders for New Yorkers, Quantifying Food Addiction and the Politics of Lab Grown Meat

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In “Eating the Other,” Fashion and Food for Confronting the Objectification of Chinese Culture

Designers Betty Liu and Claire Myers’ performance art and photographic series, Eating the Other, uses food and fashion to highlight Western perceptions of… Read More

Dining with Design at Sight Unseen Presents

New York Design Week is upon us and we’re so thrilled to see what has, in years past, been primarily an insular industry-driven event… Read More

The Personal Stories of Chefs, Ceramics and Chinese Food in America at MOCA’s “Sweet Sour Bitter Spicy” Show

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Designing the Story of Chinese Food in America

As billions of people around the world celebrate the beginning of the Lunar New Year this week, we’re doing our part to enjoy one of… Read More