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And Then God Created the Fat & Furious Burger

In the universe of delicious snacks, there’s nothing more satisfying than a juicy burger. When the Thomas Weil and Quentin Weisbuch of Paris-based graphic design… Read More

Plant Bones Grow Meat Even a Vegan Could Love

The wonders of a plant-based diet are celebrated by nutritionists and environmentalists alike but what role might design have to play in a plant-based gastronomic… Read More

Thinking Food Design At Paris Design Week 2015

For over fifteen years I have been exploring the possibilities of food integrated into artistic and design practice. In 2011, I put together an exhibition… Read More

Fat & Furious Burger is “Everything Good Between Two Buns”

Ahh…the daily demands of lunch. If you’re anything like us, talk of what to eat midday begin immediately after we finish our morning coffee. Paris-based… Read More

Relax in Nendo’s Chocolate Lounge at Maison et Objet

As this season’s Maison et Objet Designer of the Year, Japanese design firm Nendo will be installing a chocolate lounge for visitors to… Read More

Le Laboratoire Wants You to Inhale Your Food

Our friends at Cool Hunting put together a great video with David Edwards, Harvard professor, chemical engineer, biotech innovator and founder of Paris-based… Read More