Ahh…the daily demands of lunch. If you’re anything like us, talk of what to eat midday begin immediately after we finish our morning coffee. Paris-based graphic design studio Furious, parlayed their lunchtime lament into a weekly burger challenge. Limited to 1.5 hours to settle on an idea, run to the supermarket, cook, eat and shoot the burger of the week, over time, their hunger and ambition grew to full stagings of their culinary creations. Last fall, they launched Fat & Furious Burger, a website and a beautifully rendered cookbook with 60 recipes, “for kamikaze livers and intrepid stomachs.”

A short film about Thomas and Quentin of Furious, for Orange TV

In honor of #NationalBurgerDay, here’s a look at our 10 favorite burgers from Furious studios.

Fat-Furious-Burger-1Heatwave burger: Beef steak, Pickles, Green salad, Classic yellow mustard, Ketchup, Sesame, Fried onions, cheddar.

Fat-Furious-Burger-2It Girl Burger: Homargiela cooked to Kenzorigan and John Paul Laurier. Givenshiso. Hermèsclun. Pecorina Ricci. Alaïa. Issey Shitake. Armanicaine Sauce: white Lanvin, Loubouthym, Gallioignon, Yamamotomate, Oursaint Lawrence Cannel No.5. Wintour pepper.

Fat-Furious-Burger-3Mystery Box Burger: Raw salmon, smoked bacon. Mint, basil, garlic and yogurt sauce. Rice cake. Rice bun. Black sesame. Salmon eggs. Mint and basil leafs. Balsamic cream.

Fat-Furious-Burger-8Hawaiian Burger: Fake pork tenderloin caramelized pineapple juice and spices. Fresh pineapple. Roasted pineapple wedges. Melted cheddar. Pickled Vegetables. American sauce with ginger and Tabasco.

Fat-Furious-Burger-9Neil Armstrong Burger (1930-2012): Galactic Sesame. Pear glowing. Endive shooting. Cream milk cheese. Coconut dust. Fungus Lunar. Tribute to the first man to set foot in the dish.

Fat-Furious-Burger-11Burger love: Bun red caramel. Caramelized red onion. Apple Pink Lady. Pork chop. Sheep cheese chanterelles. Black cherry jelly. Currants.

Fat-Furious-Burger-5Go Green Burger

Fat-Furious-Burger-6Boom Burger

Fat-Furious-Burger-7The Head

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.09.17 PM UFO Burger: Chou violet. Flying fish roe Tobiko wasabi. Breaded chicken fillet. Wakame salad. Grilled Papadum. Beetroot sauce ginger lemon.