We have the opportunity now, more than ever, to architect the nutritious, resilient, regenerative and accessible food system we envision. By building biodiverse, local food ecologies, we can feed ourselves and our communities. As a way to support efforts for imagining and building food sovereignty during this moment, we are offering all issues of MOLD Magazine as free downloads. We will also be publishing a handful of our feature articles from our print archives online, for the first time, as a way to encourage all of us to take this time to nurture both your mind and body.

We would love to hear what an equitable and accessible food system looks like for you and your community. Send us notes, stories, pictures, sketches and ideas to editors [at] thisismold [dot] com and we’ll compile these stories to publish on MOLD.

Issue 1 – Designing for the Microbiome bit.ly/MOLD-Mag-01-open

Issue 2 – A Seat at the Table bit.ly/MOLD-Mag-02-open

Issue 3 – Food Waste bit.ly/MOLD-Mag-03-open

Issue 4 – Designing for the Senses bit.ly/MOLD-Mag-04-open

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