Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items—a few popular favorites from the week as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.

3D Food Printing Conference
On Tuesday, April 21st, the world’s first 3D Food Printing conference will convene in Venlo, Amsterdam. We’ll be live tweeting from the festivities so follow us at @thisismold.

Breakfast with Gaetano Pesce
A coffee broth is the foundation for the designer/architect’s breakfast risotto.


Cocktail Construction Courtesy of Uncle Sam
The newest exhibition at the National Archives Museum—on alcohol in American history—unearthed this great cocktail chart from the archives of the US Department of Agriculture Forest Service.

A Wasteful App
The USDA has released FoodKeeper, a new app to remind consumers when their food (freezer or fridge) is about to go bad.

Are Bindis the Newest Wearable Tech?
An Indian medical foundation has teamed up with the global ad agency, Grey, to design and distribute a special bindi that releases a daily dose of iodine through the skin.


Welcome to Wal-Mart to Go
The American big-box retailer is scaling small and betting big on retail locations in densely populated areas. With a focus on prepared foods and a “grab-and-go” consumption model, Wal-Mart is catering to urbanites with smaller locations.

Packaging as Plant
No need to water these playful plants—these sculptures by a Czech artist are constructed entirely from plastic bottles.

A Smart Thermometer for the Stove
MELD, a bluetooth-enabled thermometer that automatically calibrates the flame on your cooktop through a smart knob, helps home cooks master temperature control.