Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items – a few popular favorites from the week, as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.

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A ‘How To’ on Growing Food in the Home 

While urban gardens and agriculture tech are both important, sustainable food systems really start with each one of us. This overview from Agritecture explains how to use any extra spaces in your home to start growing more food.

Image courtesy of Ian Forsyth/Getty Images.

The Cult of the Gooseberry 

In the British countryside, growing gooseberries isn’t just a profession, it’s also a competition. For centuries, gooseberry societies have gathered annually both in England and abroad to compare their best varieties, and compete for who could grow the biggest berry. Although most of these groups have since dissipated, the Egton Bridge Gooseberry society in England is still strong more than 200 years since its founding, and members of the society still gather every year to pit their prized berries against one another.

“Better Nature” at the Vitra Design Museum

Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg’s current show at Vitra Design Museum, “Better Nature” investigates the contemporary relationship between technology and the natural world. The show features six of the artist’s projects, each of which are intended to evoke an emotional response from viewers. The projects include works such as synthetically versions of extinct flowers, and factory farms that use plants to grow manufactured goods.

Is It Hot Enough to Fry an Egg Outside?

A writer from The Washington Post paired up with Solar Cookers International to find out if that most classic of summer cliches, “it’s hot enough to fry an egg outside,” could actually be true. While you can’t just crack an egg onto the sidewalk, they found that with a reflective, metal surface and proper conduction of heat, you can indeed fry an egg using only the sun’s warmth (and you can also make cornbread and bacon)!

Perfect Day’s ice cream debut will include three flavors.

Making Milk from Microbes

Five years ago, food tech company Perfect Day found a way to produce milk protein without actually relying on cows. Researchers learned that yeast could be used to produce casein, the main protein in cow’s milk. Perfect Day is now gearing up to put their products in stores, and will soon begin selling a limited batch of its flora-based ice cream in stores.