Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items—a few popular favorites from the week as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.


4 Emerging Trends in Packaging for 2015
The Dieline released an early look at packaging trends with the “Bio-Based” packaging of food products like Wikipearls and Tomorrow Machine’s agar-based edible packaging topping the list.


Ceramics Selfie
Sight Unseen published a great convo with Brooklyn-based ceramicist Josephine Heilpern along with some-self-styled shots from her studio, Recreation Center.


International Journal of Food Design
In case you haven’t heard, the first academic journal dedicated to Food Design will be out for your reading pleasure in 2016. Francesca Zampollo is editing it and there is an opportunity to submit your case study today.

How McDonald’s Makes French Fries
And an awesome factory visit with “Mythbusters” Grant Imahara “reverse engineering” the process from the golden arches, back to the spud. Spoiler Alert: McDonald’s fries are made with real potatoes that are shot through a canon at 60-70 miles per hour (awesome!) and precision cut with a water knife.


Weekend Project
A visually stunning recipe for those winter root vegetables from Madrid-based food blog Verde Matcha.

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Stay Warm With These Crochet Masterpieces
And for a weekend giggle, Melbourne-based crochet master Phil Ferguson makes food hats for himself and his friends and posts them to his Instagram account, @chillyphilly