Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items—a few popular favorites from the week as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.

A Balanced Dinner Conversation
Dutch designer Marleen Jansen explores the delicate balance of table manners with her playful “De Tafelwip,” or The Table Seesaw. Part of a larger exploration on the idea of “being forced voluntarily,” she shapes the actions of the user by dictating participation at the table. It takes two to sit at the table and if one person gets up without warning, the other will fall to the ground.

A Vivarium in Bangkok
What comes around, goes around. Off Rama 4 in Bangkok’s Klong Toei neighborhood, two Thai Iron Chefs have opened a vast, plant-filled restaurant in an old tractor factory. Working with Thai design agency Hypothesis, the concept behind the industrial interior design is a life-sized terrarium filled from floor to ceiling with floating plants.

Play this Laser-Cut Tortilla at Your Next Fiesta
That’s right, you read right. A tortilla that you can play on your record player.

Raise the Steaks
A pop-up “food casino” in London will let gamblers bet with chips—not those plastic discs but the crispy, golden potato fried kind—while snacking on burgers to celebrate the launch of online gambling site 777.

food-design-norguet-colander-chairSeating, Al Dente
Patrick Norguet’s new stackable Colander Chair for Italian manufacturer Kristalia is a perfect pairing for pasta enthusiasts. The aluminum frame and perforated polypropylene seat was inspired by the functional beauty of the kitchen colander, a utensil that the designer himself noted: “What kitchen utensil is used every day in Italy? The colander.”

Brands, Bottled
Art Director Thomas “Le French” Ollivier imagines a world where global brands diversified into the world of wine. 99 Wine Bottles depicts brands as diverse as the Star Wars franchise and McDonald’s, Nike and Netflix, ripened, aged and bottled.

Chocolate Slices is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
Japanese confectioner and megabrand Bourbon has launched their newest product in the snack category—individually wrapped chocolate slices not unlike their Kraft single cousins across the pond. Ohh…the possibilities for 2016!