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Benditas Studio: Creating Furniture for Food

Designers Caterina Vianna and Ferran Gesa are founding a new kind of studio – one that’s designing furniture for food. Benditas,… Read More

These Designers Prove Ocean Plastic Deserves a Place on the Table

Think plastic is disposable? Not so, says a new wave of eco-conscious designers. Ever since the 1980s when a mass of disposed plastic and debris… Read More

With Miguel Olivares’ Cake Table, You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

There’s something disconcerting about eating cake with your hands. It’s both child-like and ritualized, an act that can be a benchmark for everything from birthdays… Read More

Stockholm Design Week 2015: Sofia Almqvist’s Dining Table for Active Eating

This post is part of MOLD’s roundup of the best food design projects shown at Stockholm Design Week 2015. Say sayonara to staid… Read More

Hamhocks and Cold Cuts, Now Underfoot: Rugs by Chen Chen and Kai Williams for Tai Ping

Since 2009, Brooklyn-based designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams (CCKW) have been experimenting with a range of industrial processes and materials to create a… Read More

Keep it Sweet: Matthias Borowski’s Candy-Coated Materials Project, The Importance of the Obvious

Starting with an in-depth exploration of materials, Matthias Borowski’s thesis project carefully examines the considerations designers employ when working with food as a… Read More

Tjep’s Il Treno, a Dining Booth for the Modern Traveler

There’s something wonderfully romantic about traveling by train. Amsterdam design studio Tjep. created a modular dining unit inspired by the intimacy and nostalgia… Read More