This post is part of MOLD’s roundup of the best food design projects shown at Stockholm Design Week 2015.

Say sayonara to staid meals around the family dining table. Sofia Almqvist’s Umami Table creates an active landscape for engaging eaters in an interactive dining experience replete with bespoke tableware.

Almqvist explains the context of her project:

Through new, exciting physical objects I want to stimulate and encourage people to return to sitting down during meals. Through my own examinations and by drawing inspiration from other cultures, I want to create a place in the home that is inviting and which offers and reminds you of the meal as a moment unto itself.


The topography of the ash table top accommodates a set of three glass bowls of varying sizes and a ceramic plate. Almqvist’s Umami Table was part of the Ung Svensk Form exhibition highlighting the work of young Swedish designers.