There’s something wonderfully romantic about traveling by train. Amsterdam design studio Tjep. created a modular dining unit inspired by the intimacy and nostalgia of the dining compartments on the Orient Express. “Il Treno” offers semi-private dining for two and includes ample space to store your fine china. Fashioned from ash or oak wood, a steel structure provides a canopy for storing overhead luggage, and a beautiful steel step pulls out to give you a leg up for your journey. The unit is available in two options—one with cupboards behind the seats and one without for a more minimal profile.

Founded in 2001 by prominent Dutch designer Frank Tjepkema, Tjep. has garnered a reputation for iconoclastic work across a broad field of expertise that includes award-winning interior, architectural, product, furniture, and jewelery design. Countering globalised uniformity, Tjep. design for those who seek to rediscover individualism.

“Il Treno” debuted in Future Nostalgia, an exhibition at Plusdesign Gallery in Milan during Salone and is available online at 8.900 Euro.