In March, Milan design school Scuola Politecnica di Design will officially enrol the first successful applicants to a new Master in Food Design course—a program arising from a partnership with local International University of Languages and Media. The news comes after a similar move from Design Academy Eindhoven, who welcomed renowned alumni ‘eating designer’ Marije Vogelzang to their faculty.

MilanFoodDesignMaster8Recent food design from SPD graduates: Left, ‘Corolla’ by Alessandro Stabil and Isaac Pineiro; Right, ‘Kira’ bakeware snack system by Kostantia Manthou

In Milan, big names Marti Guixé and Stephano Giovannoni (of cute Alessi food accessory fame) will head up a faculty of designers, researchers, chefs, events specialist, behavioural scientists, journalists and philosophers together leading students through a curriculum spanning the breadth of “food design”—product design, service design, gastronomy, hospitality, business modelling, agriculture, food science, packaging as well as marketing and communications. The course will at least in part be sponsored by food industry behemoth PepsiCo—no doubt on the prowl for budding design talent.

  • Module 1 — The Food & Agriculture System
  • Module 2 — Food Science
  • Module 3 — Wine & Food Culture
  • Module 4 — Food Marketing & Communication
  • Module 5 — Food Experience
  • Module 6 — Food Design
  • Module 7 — Food Design: Designing Food & Objects
  • Module 8 — Food Design: The Places of Food
  • Module 9 — Food Design: Packaging
  • Module 10 — Food Service Design
  • Module 11 — Food Design and Tourism

Whilst lessons and lectures will take place on campus in Milan, the course will be taught in English to make it accessible for international students. Don’t expect too much leisurely European lunches though—students will be required to attend 580 hours of lessons and complete a three-month internship by February 2016.

Stefano Giovannoni