Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items—a few popular favorites from the week, as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.

Growing THC from Yeast

Although THC and CBD have traditionally been harvested from the cannabis plant, researchers have recently discovered that they can use beer-brewer’s yeast to produce the same compounds. These new THC and CBD producing microbes hold the potential for mass producing non-psychoactive cannabis products on a much bigger—and cheaper—scale.

New Age Art Meets Plants

A collaboration between artists Heidi Norton and Tony Balko, Music for Plants Disappearing is an exhibition highlighting natural phenomena and visual trickery. Plant remains and resin are suspended in glass panes, acting as part of the many mixed media that form the exhibition.

Turning Lawns into Micro-farms

Agriculture startup Fleet Farming is taking a simple but innovative approach to restructuring our food system. Lawns in America not only take up more than three times the space we allot for growing corn, but they also contribute to pollution and water shortages. Fleet Farming hopes that people will use their lawns to grow edible plants instead of grass, creating a sustainable increase in food production without commercial farming.

The Science Behind Microwaving Grapes

Have you ever wondered why a grape seems to catch on fire—emitting a cloud of plasma—when you put it in a microwave? This article breaks down the classic party trick, explaining how the microwave radiation passing through a simple grape can ignite a spark.

Designing a Modern Food Hub

Plans for the Tainan Xinhua Fruit and Vegetable Market include a terraced roof to be used for farming. The terraces will be varying levels, with each level growing a different crop. Tainan’s municipal government first developed the project with the intention of creating a new food hub for the district.