If it’s true that three makes a trend, then these two new projects are proof that it might be time for luxury fashion brands to consider expanding their trademarks to food. In one of those fortuitously timed, “the planets are aligning” kind of moments, Swedish photographer Linus Morales released photographs from his “Fab Food Project”(last four images above) at the same time Israeli artist Peddy Mergui’s images of designer packaging are on view at the “Wheat Wheat Wheat” exhibition at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco (through June 15, 2014).

Both projects challenge consumer ethics and question our tendency to judge a product by its packaging. Would you eat 3% natural yogurt if Tiffany made it? Does Louis Vuitton toast taste any better? As we’ve seen, the way a product looks really does affect the way the food tastes to us.

Mergui’s intent is simply to “leave you with more questions than answers—particularly on your next trip to the supermarket.” Mission accomplished.