How do you make people excited to buy a bag of flour? If you’re Swedish miller Ramlösa Kvarn, you hire creative agency Amore to dream up bold, graphic packages. The agency recently released four bags with pastel hues and bold graphics that are sure to standout on grocery shelves.

Ramlösa Kvarn isn’t new to the flour market. In 1973, the family-owned company began milling flour with the mission to help home bakers achieve the fluffy buns and breads they found in bakeries. All the wheat is grown on their farm in Helsingborg in southwest Sweden. But their previous white paper sacks no longer reflected their ambitions. With a swirling windmill for the logo and a storybook-esque font, Ramlösa’s old-school flour sacks seemed more suited to a grandmother’s cupboard than a trendy bakery. Amore kept the iconic windmill but gave it a forward-facing, streamlined appearance to show that Ramlösa Kvarn is ready for international attention.

Amore's new logo for Ramlösa Kvarn. Image courtesy of Amore.Ramlösa Kvarn’s new logo. Photo via Amore.

Each bag uses a unique font to evoke the baked goods it’s suited for. “Tipo 00”—a fine flour ideal for pizza and fresh pasta—places a bold, sans-serif font atop a bright green background to suggest retro Italian pizzerias. “Patisserie” adopts a softer attitude with swirling handwriting against a gentle blue bag. “Manitoba Cream”—a Swedish-grown flour with a high protein content—juxtaposes a bold font with a bright pink background. “Rustique” uses a bright red to emphasize the craft paper bag, playing with the idea of deliberate design. Their unique personalities encourage shoppers to appreciate the differences in each flour while suggesting practical applications for their use.

Highlighting each flour’s respective context allows Ramlösa Kvarn to encourage Swedish bakers to take their baking into new territories. To this end, their website offers recipes for everything from bagels to chia-studded rye bread. This increasing attention to cuisine pervades Swedish culture. Swedes are buying more organic foods than ever and Stockholm’s streets are packed with everything from Vietnamese sandwich shops to tapas bars. With their global aesthetic, Ramlösa’s packages signal their suitability for the next generation of bakers.

Side of Amore's new packages for Ramlösa Kvarn. Image courtesy of Amore.Side of Amore’s new packaging for Ramlösa Kvarn. Photo via Amore.

The new forward-facing logo and instantly readable designs also welcome international cooks into Ramlösa’s kitchen as Scandinavian baking gains an audience abroad. Cookbooks such as Fika by Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall and Scandinavian Baking from Danish home cooking guru Trine Hahnemann offer recipes for the region’s cardamom-studded pastries and dense rye breads. And with their bold colors and streamlined design, what better flour to choose than Ramlösa Kvarn to bake up your own slice of Sweden?