Hamburg-based food purveyors, The Deli Garage, is on a mission to fix your food. Playful packaging of products from regional producers come in a variety of food design solutions that even your mechanic would love.

Food Finish in a Spray Can

Food Finish spray comes in four colors—gold, silver, red and blue. Developed with a small food coloring manufacturer that sells to upmarket cake and pastry shops, the designers at The Deli Garage packaged the food coloring in spray cans so you can chrome plate your next meatloaf or add a blush of blue to those fall casseroles.



Two bonding agents, Honey Bond and Choco Glue, provide a little bit of magic when creating teetering waffle towers or structurally sound gingerbread houses.


The simple Filler comes in two varieties of chocolate spread—white and milk—but the kicker is the spackling knife that comes with the tub. With four different serrated edges, the automatischer handspachtel allows any DIY-er to create fun textures and patterns, spackling to their heart’s content.


The drum wheat semolina Multi Noodles are handmade by a small, family-owned business in Burgenland, Austria. Packaged in a familiar snap-top plastic kit, this selection of screws, nuts and bolts were designed specifically for The Deli Garage and as any Pasta by Design lover can appreciate, each hole and surface are made to soak up your choice of tasty sauce.