The kitchen tech space is heating up with layers of processors, machine learning capabilities and connectivity storming the kitchen, our most intimate of spaces. In the wild west of the connected kitchen, its often hard to separate the true innovators from those selling snake oil in the form of cold-pressed juices.

With only a week left before the 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit in Seattle, here’s an opportunity to hear from the technologists and companies who are leading the charge into the kitchens of the future.

[Editors note: See Rebecca Chesney of the Institute for the Future’s recap of her Kitchen of the Future talk at the 2017 Smart Kitchen Summit]

Now in its third year, the 2018 program includes a panel about Food Waste that includes MOLD contributor Chiara Cecchini at the Future Food Institute, a look at the future of food storage and a panel on the food blockchain (if anyone attends this blockchain panel we’d love a report). Beyond talks and panels, there are startup showcase pitches, multiple tracks during the afternoon sessions to meet with like-minded attendees, and of course plenty of time for networking.

As a media partner for this year’s Smart Kitchen Summit, MOLD readers can receive 25% off your ticket price with the promocode MOLD25 !! The Smart Kitchen Summit takes place October 8-9 in Seattle, Washington.