Join the editors of MOLD Magazine for a one-day summit at Copenhagen Techfestival as we explore the sensorial opportunities at the intersection of food and technology.

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Interfaces—physical and abstract—shape our relationship with food. Whether it’s the impulsive “buy” response to snack packaging or the directives in the payment system at your favorite lunch spot, design is the invisible hand that dictates access and attitudes to what and how we eat. As new ingredients push into pantries and foodways become more complex, how might we leverage technology to champion the human elements of intimacy, connection and transparency in our food system?

Designer Giulia Soldati’s Contatto project designs gestures for eating with our hands.

Techfestival, now in its second year, explores ideas on how to humanize new technologies through a dense programming schedule of 200+ events over the course of five days. Centered in the Meatpacking District from September 5-9th, join the expected 16,000 participants in a wide-ranging conversation touching on everything from food technologies to blockchain, healthcare innovation to algorithmic sovereignty, climate change to digital privacy.

Design for the Senses is the theme for the next issue of MOLD Magazine, our bi-annual print magazine about the future of food, and we’ll be using the summit at Techfestival to kick start the conversation. Our goal is to spark conversation about how we might design food interfaces to strengthen the values of a more transparent, biodiverse, nutritious, accessible, resilient and regenerative food system.

Wednesday, September 5th
9AM – 5PM
Flæsketorvet 10, 1711 København, Denmark

With presentations and interactive workshops by: