The injustices of our time are the product of design. Our societies are built on systems of racism and inequity that deeply impact every part of our lives. Design upholds many facets of systemic oppression—from the shape of our built environment to our most mundane interactions. We are in a design emergency and in need of a new vision. How might we center acts of care as a primary mode of design practice and as a form of political action?

Join Deem Journal, a print mag about design as social practice, and MOLD magazine in a roundtable discussion about emergent strategies for designing futures where life is precious and creativity is a political act.

In this moment of global unrest, designers have an opportunity to usher in a new paradigm for living, one in which community, not an algorithm, is the cornerstone for truly generative design.

About the Guests
Isabel Flower is editor of Deem Journal and executive editor of Cultured Magazine. Her writings on art, style, and cultures of consumption have been published in Artforum, Bookforum, The New Yorker, The Wall Street Journal, Cultured, Grailed, Slam Jam, Kaleidoscope, Double, and QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking. Flower is co-host of the Top Rank podcast and co-founder of Documenting the Nameplate.

Nu Goteh is a multi-disciplinary creative & designer who works in audio, visual and written media. He is the co-founder of the strategy and design studio, Room for Magic, and co-founder and creative director of partner publication, Deem Journal. Nu’s practice is informed by his love for counter/subculture(s), his background as a Liberian-born refugee, and a lifelong dedication to building platforms that enable communities to engage in shared experiences. Nu brings over a decade of branding, research, strategic development, ideation and production to creating equitable change to the way communities are being represented.

Alice Grandoit is a social engagement designer and cultural researcher building awareness through strategic community partnerships, programming, and experiences. Her practice is rooted in empowerment, cultural collaborations, and the creation of experiential platforms molded around emergent creatives. These ideas are united by her work as the co-founder and editorial director of Deem Journal.

LinYee Yuan is the founder and editor of MOLD, a critically acclaimed print and online magazine about designing the future of food. Through in-depth, original reporting and a distinct vision for how design can transform our food system, MOLD covers innovative ideas emerging from the world of food design and technology.

How to Attend
This SPACE10 Session is hosted on Zoom. You can sign up by RSVPing here. From then on, just download Zoom so you’re ready to go — it should all take two minutes in total.

On the day, be ready and logged in by 5 pm so we can welcome all participants at once. But if you’re late, don’t worry — you can sneak in, we won’t tell anyone. When you enter the event, you will be muted and your webcam is disabled to make the audiovisual experience as smooth as possible for all of us — but we hope you’ll drop an emoji or a greeting in the chat. And you may want to bring some questions for our guest!

This Session has a maximum capacity of 1000 participants