Our weekly serving of off-the-menu items—a few popular favorites from the week as well as a few morsels that may have slipped your notice.

Food Security x Climate Change
How will the US’s withdrawl from the Paris Accords impact food security around the world? The World Food Programme created this incredible interactive map to engage in future scenarios caused by climate change and climate migration.

Care for some Covfefe?
It’s been nearly a week and we’re still giggling over these covfefe food memes. After winning/baffling the Internet with his early morning tweet last Sunday, we all need a shot of this covfefe vodka after yesterday’s announcement from @therealdonaldtrump’s intention to withdraw from the Paris Accords.

What Blue Apron’s IPO Reveals About the Business of Meal Kits
It’s no secret that we are horrified by the amount of waste generated by meal kit delivery services—the promise of more people cooking pre-portioned, quick and easy meals does not outweigh the environmental cost of packaging waste, fossil fuel emissions for delivery and general nonsense of packaging a pinch of salt. Now the numbers are out to show the financial cost of this startup model and those retention rates are not pretty.

How those Matcha Whisks are Made
Our friends at Core77 unearthed some great video footage showing how those elegant and beautiful matcha whisks are crafted. Watch and be hyptnotized.

How Kenyan Prisoners Helped Develop the Pomato
Behind the unforgiving iron bars, metal grilled doors and limited freedom at Nairobi’s maximum correctional facility, Kamiti Maximum Prison, is the heartwarming story of a group of prisoners who are not only reforming their characters but Kenya’s food security situation with a new transformatory innovation.

Optimizing Mushroom Protein
Good news for summer BBQs! New research suggests that the best way to preserve protein content for mushrooms is by grilling or microwaving these fungal friends.

Algorithms for Nutella
Nutella implemented an algorithm from a database of dozens of patterns and colors to create seven million different versions of Nutella’s graphic identity, which have been splashed across the front of jars in Italy.

A Return to the Mustache Cup
What to get the mustachioed man with everything? How about a cup to save his luxurious facial hair from getting drenched by tea?