Yes, there’s a little old lady on the label, but these tins of baklava are anything but old-school. While the recipe for the traditional Greek (or Turkish, depending on who you ask) pastry made from paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough filled with toasted nuts, sugar, and spices remains unchanged, 30-year-old baklava purveyor Kolionasios wisely decided to update its image (and separate itself from its competitors). To do the job they called in Luminous Design Group, a multi-disciplinary studio in Athens that’s responsible for some of the city’s best-looking restaurants and food service packaging design.


We love how touches like brown kraft paper and stitched binding offset the clean black-and-white label and simple illustration of a Greek grandmother (or γιαγιά) rolling out fine leaves of phyllo. If you want to try it yourself, Giada De Laurentiis has a surprisingly simple method: