At the fifth annual Nobel Week Dialogue, Nobel Laureates, leading scientists, policy makers and academics are gathering in Stockholm for a full-day discussion on the future of food. Joining Laureates like Muhammad Yunus of Grameen Bank and Elizabeth Blackburn of the Salk Instiute, are thought leaders in the food and design space including Caleb Harper of MIT’s OpenAG initiative, author and Food Studies professor Marion Nestle and MOLD friend Kavita Shukla of FreshPaper to present their work around the theme “Your Plate. Our Planet.”

The day’s program kicks off with Tara Garnett, founder of the Food Climate Research Network’s talk, “Your Plate, Our Planet,” and Tristram Stuart of Feedback’s talk “Why do we pay for waste?” Afternoon breakout sessions address the more wicked problems of our food system including meat and meat alternatives, food waste, sustainability and health. The poet and singer Patti Smith closes the day’s events with a reading and conversation with Nobel Laureate and economics professor Angus Deaton.

The talks will be livestreamed beginning 10AM CET or you can find more about the Nobel Week Dialogue’s program and speakers on their website. We’ll also be live tweeting the conference: Follow along @thisismold #nobeldialogue