It might seem like a bit of a throwback to the days of drink carts and smoking indoors, but pouring yourself a stiff drink from a perfectly portioned decanter is a discerning way to elevate even the most mundane cocktail hour. Keeping with their theme of celebrating slow food and drink, the Chicago-based design studio Manual is taking it’s considered approach to coffee and tea and tuning it to a Cocktail Collection for “civilized drinking.”

The Manual Cocktail Collection is a line of frosted glassware for spirits that includes corked decanters in three sizes, a mixing glass, and cocktail glasses. Each product in the collection is designed with the user in mind—the corked closure on the decanters double as an integrated doing jigger, the stackable cocktail glasses also stack on top of the decanter for ease of transport, and the mixing glass has a (very rare) handle for easy pouring. As Manual explains, “decanters transform liquor from a packaged good to home decor.”

We did our own research and according to the Scotch Whisky Association, whiskey, once bottled, is a finished product. Unlike with wine, oxidation isn’t a huge factor with whiskey and the spirit tends to be shelf-stable for a considerable amount of time.

With a little more than 48 hours to go, Manual’s campaign to crowdfund their first production run of the collection is close to being realized. With so many parts to the full collection, backers can add-on “accessories” to create a mix and match collection suitable for their own needs at well below the retail price. These Kickstarter veterans have used the platform to successfully fund six projects and by the looks of it, with a push from the food and drink community in the last hours of the campaign, they’re well on their way to completing their seventh successful run!