Annually, $485 million worth of plastic is wasted in the United States—enough for 1,000 households to live on the U.S. median income for nearly a decade—and much of that material lives as consumer packaging in the form of containers, bags or plastic wrap.

To think that humans haven’t invented a storage solution less wasteful or irksome than overly sticky, tangle-in-your-hands plastic wrap is frustrating at best…until you realize that they have, and that the solution harnesses the incredible powers of the humble bumble bee.


Bee’s Wrap is reusable storage alternative to plastic wrap, made from beeswax, cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Bee’s Wrap comes in various-sized sheets that use the warmth of your hands to soften and mold around a food item or container; as they cool, the materials create a seal and wrap holds it shape. To reuse, simply wash with cold water to make the sheet malleable again.

Bee's Wrap, a plastic wrap alternative derived from bee's wax.

Produced and sourced locally in Vermont, Bee’s Wrap is reusable, biodegradable and completely compostable. “There is an incredible awareness growing about the harmful effects of plastic use on the environment and our bodies. We all thought that plastic wrap was the end all—what could there possibly be to replace it?” founder Sarah Kaek tells Epicurious, “Bee’s Wrap is such a simple application of natural ingredients with such amazing capabilities for food storage that it intrigues skeptics, willing them to give it a try. It is not a new concept, but rather old, simple, and so easy to use.”

With $5 domestic shipping, order Bee’s Wrap by December 17 and wrap your holiday leftovers in something a little better for yourself and the environment.

Bee’s Wrap