Food scraps are now too precious for the compost bin. London-based designer Alicja Patanowska’s porcelain planters are a perfect pairing of form and function for vegetable-loving green thumbs. Before tossing those carrot tops and celery stalks, consider their potential as starters for your future window farm.


The four planters in the PLANTATION collection were designed for cultivating a range of different plants—beans, avocado seeds, garlic heads and root plant grafts. Placing the porcelain element on top of a vessel of your choosing allows for limitless variations. Once the plant takes root, it needs a more nutrient-rich environment to fruit and flourish—whether it’s soil or through supplements in the hydroponics.


PLANTATION was first conceived as an art project where Patanowska collected discarded drinking glasses from the streets of London and paired each with handmade, bespoke ceramic elements to transform what was refuse into a functional vessel for growing plant life. Winner of an Emerging Talent award for the British Glass Biennial, PLANTATION was part of Patanowska’s masters thesis project for RCA’s Ceramics & Glass programme.

PLANTATION debuted at designjunction as part of London Design Festival 2015 and is available in the United Kingdom through On & On Designs.