It starts with a seed. Farmer, educator, activist and seed steward Kristyn Leach knows this adage better than most. In 2011, when she started Namu Farm in partnership with the now shuttered beloved San Francsico Korean restaurant, Namu Gaji, she grew Asian produce and herbs for the table. Seed saving became integral—partially out of necessity. A trip to Korea in 2014 exposed her to the biodiversity of Korean crops and shifted her perspective. As Kristyn shared in our SEEDS issue, “experiencing the diversity of those Asian crops made the existential and philosophical principles of seed sovereignty deeply personal.”

Since then, Kristyn founded Second Generation seeds as a way for others to experience that diversity. She has been a relentless advocate for a more holistic relationship with our food—for biodiversity within our food system and for diversity of tastes for the plate. The next generation of farmers, from Choy Commons in upstate New York to Kamayan Farm outside of Seattle, continue the work of Second Generation by growing and distributing the literal fruits of Kristyn’s labor.

Now Kristyn needs our support. She has a chance to secure a long term home for her farm project, the Gohyang Seed Campus, a place to grow drought and climate resilient herbs and vegetables, a home for Second Generation Seeds, a Grower’s Collective, and more. Donate to her fundraising campaign by SATURDAY, MAY 20th to help her close a $200,000 gap. An investment in the Gohyang Seed Campus is truly an investment in our own collective futures.

UPDATE, May 20: Great news — Kristyn was able to meet her fundraising goal through private donations but the fundraising continues on to support startup costs for the Gohyang Seed Campus! Donate today!!

BONUS: This Thursday, May 18th, join Kristyn, Chef Steve Joo, educator Aileen Suzara, educator Dohee Lee and host Cecilia Lai of SF Chronicle’s Fifth & Mission podcast for a special conversation about the soybean. The talk is part of CAAMFest and in partnership with KQED. Get tickets for A Soy Story here.