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Why Aren’t We Just Eating Locusts?

“Might I recommend the honey and miso fried locusts or the caramel coated locusts as a starter?” Welcome to Hoppers: The Locust Bistro, a… Read More

How Birch Water Companies are Using Design to Battle for Market Share

From water sommeliers to coconut water, consumer society has commandeered H2O. So it’s no surprise that companies are working hard to market birch water. This… Read More

Robusta Gets a Boost from Three New Coffee Companies

Coffee connoisseurs, here’s a question for the ages: arabica or robusta? Coffee prices might be rising for consumers, but coffee growers have yet to feel… Read More

Meet the Wine Companies Reimagining Traditional Bottle Labels

A 2014 study from Gallo Wine Trends revealed that 2/3 of wine drinkers buy their bottle according to the label. Wine companies have taken notice… Read More

Why This Ukrainian Snack Company is Throwing Peanuts at Russia

How do you give national consciousness to an international snack? If you’re Ukrainian snack company Kozatska Slava, you rebrand to align with the current political… Read More

Step Inside the Shipping Container-Turned-Kitchen at Nashville’s 404 Hotel

With just five large rooms and “invisible service,” the new 404 Hotel in Nashville is a high-design hideaway just a few blocks away from… Read More

Speedy Graphic Design for Barcelona’s New Ham on Wheels

Ham on Wheels, Barcelona’s newest fancy fast-food outlet, is getting some extra buzz from the stellar job local design studio Forma &… Read More

A Sweet Label for Sour Beer

We’re excited to see another great packaging design project from one of our favorite young up-and-comers, Mackenzie Freemire. The Chicago-based graphic design… Read More

Art of the Menu‘s Armin Vit on Common Restaurant Design Mistakes + What the Tastiest Tables Do Right

Even when they’re out to eat, designers can’t take a break. A well-trained eye won’t peer away from restaurant signage, table settings, and menu typography,… Read More

Smartbites: Candy Created by a Designer

High-design hard candies aren’t exactly a new phenomenon—Papa Bubble’s artistic molten sugar sweets swept Europe, Asia, and then the U.S. back in 2008—but despite… Read More