NYCxDesign, more commonly called New York Design Week, is back again with a range of exhibitions, installations, and events. From unique lighting and houseplant grooming, to discussions on bird-friendly architecture, here are a few of MOLD’s favorites at New York Design Week 2024.

A queer designer-led exhibition of 17 architects, artists, and designers, Design Dysphoria will open in Bushwick. Co-curated by designers and founders of Studio S IILiz Collins and Grace Whiteside, the exhibition emphasizes the cruciality of queer spaces to highlight how they inform LGBTQIA+ art and design.

Local Law 15 was enacted in 2020 to require all new construction and significant renovations built in New York City to use bird-friendly materials. Join for a discussion on the findings and lessons learned from the initial years of Local Law 15’s implementation, as well as prior and related work, exploring projects that have successfully incorporated bird-safe materials, the legislation’s impacts on local and migratory bird populations, and the development of new bird-friendly building materials.

The Head Hi Lamp Show has become a global platform over the last five years for collective participation and experimentation in light, design, and materials. For the special fifth anniversary edition, the show will be held during New York Design Week. The selection of lamps from 54 designers across the United States, Argentina, Canada, France, China, England, Italy, Turkey, and Vietnam embraces a diverse range of backgrounds, skill levels, concepts and materials.

Ranging from jewelry to furniture, with explorations as diverse as grooming for houseplants and fears of living alone, to questions of the things we take for granted each day, Paraphernalia showcases work from sixteen artists and designers that accompany us through work, play, anxieties, and ambitions. Curated by Field Meridians facilitator Eliza Axelson-Chidsey and Jess Fügler, who share an interest in design research as a method for exploring value in objects.

Chen Chen and Kai Williams are unveiling their latest furniture and lighting collection “The Sacred Tree,” and celebrating the grand opening of their new showroom. Their new collection reflects a deep appreciation of the natural cycles of birth and death, including a chair which utilizes Wenwan walnuts as screws, and side tables inspired by the Brooklyn’s historic Greenwood Cemetery.

two or three things i know about her is a living collage of the bedroom, composed of contemporary and historical works of art and design across objects, images, and text. Slowly, through an interior of layered superimpositions, a person—or better put, shadow— emerges; this must be the painting the sun kisses daily and the table the water glass rests on each evening. It is familiarity without any introduction, known and unnamed. Curated by the collective Pretty Secrets, a collaborative curatorial project helmed by MOLD editorial assistant Madeleine Young, with a desire-drive towards objects produced in the crosshairs of historical production techniques and contemporary necessities.

Jonald Dudd has been our favorite annual showcase of New York’s most provocative emerging designers since it debuted in 2015. Founded by Lydia Cambron and Chris Held, this year’s show is guest curated by Charles Constantine, co-founder and Creative Director of Bestcase.

The Makerspace NYC and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation are hosting a panel discussion at the Brooklyn Army Terminal to hear from some of the leading local organizations working to transform New York into a more sustainable city. Panelists will be discussing circular economy strategies and how they support climate action, are being put into practice today, and their impacts on design.