In early October we joined MOLD friend and artist Miguel Gaydosh in celebrating the turn of the seasons and deceleration by activating his sound sculpture as part of his exhibition, Del Suelo Al Cielo (From Soil to Sky), installed at Cactus Store’s Manhattan location in the Lower East Side. 

This iteration of Gaydosh’s larger project All Pib Slow Play, centered on a social sound sculpture—part soundsystem, part grill. As Gaydosh shared in his project profile, “All Pib Slow Play is an investigation of the potential for socio-ecological interfaces. It brings together nature and culture, the ancient and contemporary, through living forms—from the ground beneath our feet to sounds reverberating down city blocks.” The Cactus Store installation was an “experience in deceleration.” 

MOLD invited our community to participate in a community potluck—the price of entry to the event was an offering of food or drink to share with other attendees. As decelerationist music selections curated by Guarionex Rodriguez played from the speakers on the sound sculpture, we warmed up the grill with mushrooms from Smallhold skewered and basted in a miso soy glaze lovingly prepared by the MOLD Editors. Homewares from MMUNDO featuring works from artisans in Central and Southern Mexico, and flowers from Project EATS’ Lower East Side farm adorned the sound sculpture and the space. 

Attendees enjoyed fizzy and fermented drinks courtesy of De La Calle tepache, Lunar Asian hard seltzer and NON’s non-alcoholic wine. The MOLD community really showed out with their potluck offerings: Filipino-style hot dogs topped with spaghetti, chicken wings, Taiwanese-style mochi, Polish-style kielbasa, and vegetables ranging from eggplant to bitter melon all had their turn on the grill. Thank you to all who came, ate, and participated. And special thank you to Miguel and the Cactus Store for hosting. 

Photos courtesy of Orla Keating-Beer, Jeemin Shim, and LinYee Yuan