This May, MOLD Magazine hosted a panel on building a more resilient ecosystems for independent publishing. The panel brought together LinYee Yuan of MOLD Magazine, Lulu Yao-Gioiello of FAR-NEAR, Blake Abbie of A Magazine Curated By in a conversation moderated by Isabel Ling of MOLD Magazine exploring how we might chart a more robust, expansive and culturally specific future within our existing media ecosystem. Held at FOOD Architects’ space in Manhattan’s Chinatown, the panel highlighted the stories behind publications at the forefront of reimagining the future of print with the hopes of empowering attendees with a more transparent understanding of what goes into the making of a magazine and how they might apply that to their own publishing endeavors. Find a recording of the panel in the video below:

A Magazine Curated By

A Magazine Curated By is a fashion magazine that explores the universe of a chosen fashion designer in each issue. We invite a guest curator – an international fashion designer, group or house – to develop innovative, personalised content to express their aesthetic and cultural values. Each issue celebrates this designer’s ethos: their people, their passion, their stories, emotions, fascinations, spontaneity and authenticity.


FAR–NEAR is an artist-run curated cross-cultural book series, printed annually, that broadens perspectives of Asia through image, person, idea and history to unlearn the inherent dominative mode.

The Asian continent and its people have often been expressed through the lens of a foreign eye–painted as “the other” to a Western audience. Extending beyond the Far East, FAR–NEAR features voices from Japan to Iran and just about everywhere in between.

MOLD Magazine

MOLD Magazine is a critically-acclaimed print and online magazine about designing the future of food. Through anti-disciplinary editorial exploration, we highlight the myriad ways that being in relationship with food can cultivate the guiding principle of livingness in human and more-than-human ecologies.

We would like to extend special thanks to FOOD Architects and Dong Ping Wong for hosting the event in their space as well as to our sponsors Unified Ferments and Lunar Seltzer.