Although we’re still donning winter coats in New York City, the promise of spring greens, lighter fare and al fresco dining is in the air. Satellite, a modular outdoor kitchen system designed for Italian kitchen manufacturer Schiffini, has us dreaming of warm weather affairs with fresh food, friends and frizzante.


The thesis project by IED Milan graduates Dario Distefano, Riccardo Randi and Riccardo Trabattoni, the designers drew on the storied history of the Schiffini brand to design a framework and components for the Satellite. Founded in the 1920s, Schiffini became the first Italian manufacturer of modular kitchen designs during the ’50s.

Satellite pays homage to this legacy with a kitchen system based on a standard bent aluminum frame. Easy to assemble and produce, the frames can be customized to match the style of an interior kitchen. A main unit features a sink and gas range with storage shelves underneath. Other components that can be added to the core system include a wood-fired bread oven, grill top, speaker, planters for vegetables or herbs.


H/T Design-Milk