Being an outdoor enthusiast doesn’t mean you’re a luddite—everything from head lamps to GPS trackers and mobile phones need a battery charge even when you’re enjoying the wonders of nature. BioLite, the energy company behind one of the best-selling camp stoves five years running, understands this truth better than most. Their innovative Campstove redefined expectations when it debuted on the market with technology that charges an electronic device as it burns wood for outdoor cooking or reheating. Just in time for Memorial Day adventures, the company released a fun pack of emojis for those who love to camp (and cook) in the great outdoors.

Designed in-house by BioLite designers Seth Chinnis and Talia Horner, these adorable emojis connect your nature-loving side with the needs of your digital self. Whether you’re more a “s’mores over the campfire” type of cook or a “Trail Saint” with snacks and libations at hand, these emojis are a nice reminder that even in our digitally connected lives, we should take time to connect with nature.

“We put our phones away when we go camping, but leading up to a trip there’s a lot of group texting,” Erica Rosen, Director of Marketing at BioLite told MOLD. “We made [Campmojis] because we wanted to make them, simple as that. We wanted to have a little fun with that because that one tent emoji just doesn’t quite get at what we’re so excited about.” We especially love the “river beer” emoji for that friendly reminder that it’s time for another season of sun, sky and “brews at a temperature so perfect only mother nature could pull it off.”

Campmojis are available on the Apple App Store as a free sticker pack on iOS.